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•February 22, 2016 • 41 Comments

FM Radio with its compressed sound, the cassette with that authentic hiss, the good old days of tape editing radio to hear the latest tune.

Here’s a small collection of radio shows from Manchester, England, recorded over 3 decades.

From the early days of Electro with Rap master Sam Brown on SSR, to the Soul of Mike Shaft’s TCOB, Chad Jackson and his classic Mix of 85, Stu Allan with his influential Hip Hop show Bus diss, House hour & Souled Out, to the early days of Techno on the 808 State show, through to Gescom’s Electronic show Disengage. Its all here and a lot more, it’s not perfect,  cassette taping never was. We hope you enjoy.

Important shows / stations sadly still missing from this site are:- Leaky Fresh, Soul Nation, WBLS, Greg Wilson, Sammy B, Richard Sirling, and many, many more.

This site is dedicated to the memory of Paul Mulhearn, Duncan Smith, Stephen Fielding, John Peel, Mike Allen & Stuart James. R.I.P.

All shows are from original tape sourcing. M.R.M. is a non-profit organisation / archive.

Please feel free to leave a comment, correct, or add information.

Thank you.