Welcome to M.R.M

FM Radio with its compressed sound, the cassette with that authentic hiss, the good old days of tape editing radio to hear the latest tune.

Here’s a small collection of radio shows from Manchester, England, recorded over 3 decades.

From the early days of Electro with Rap master Sam Brown on SSR, to the Soul of Mike Shaft’s TCOB, Chad Jackson and his classic Mix of 85, Stu Allan with his influential Hip Hop show Bus diss, House hour & Souled Out, to the early days of Techno on the 808 State show, through to Gescom’s Electronic show Disengage. Its all here and a lot more, it’s not perfect, Β cassette taping never was. We hope you enjoy.

Important shows / stations sadly still missing from this site are:- Leaky Fresh, Soul Nation, WBLS, Greg Wilson, Sammy B, Richard Sirling, and many, many more.

This site is dedicated to the memory of Paul Mulhearn, Duncan Smith, Stephen Fielding, John Peel, Mike Allen & Stuart James. R.I.P.

All shows are from original tape sourcing. M.R.M. is a non-profit organisation / archive.

Please feel free to leave a comment, correct, or add information.

Thank you.


~ by Manchester Radio Music on February 22, 2016.

41 Responses to “Welcome to M.R.M”

  1. Nice work! Lived in Blackburn from late 80s to mid-90s and these bring back some great memories. Thank you.

  2. Top stuff. Any chance of track listings? Will help out if I can.

  3. Great stuff, I know a lot of people who’ll be visiting this site lots. I’ll have a rummage and see if I can find any of my old Gescom shows cassettes.

  4. Love it!

  5. Hi thanks for these – through this site the guy from IBC Radio’s got in touch about some tapes of IBC – I’m transferring them to mp3 and he’s starting an http://www.ibcradio.co.uk website… Thanks again

  6. …thanks Rick for all your help!

  7. Still trying to track down any of the old IBC Dj’s!!!!

  8. Im trying to find music from a show called alpha waves hosted by stuart james, which aired on kiss 102 manchester in the summer of 1996 between 2-4 am real deep chillout ambient!!! any info would be great!!

    • Hi there – i think that i might be able to help you with this.
      Currently Tour Managing the Chemical Brothers – which I have been doing since 1996.
      Drop me an email and i will send a show or two after judicious editing!
      thanks fro your interest – wish i’d have kept it going!

      • FYI
        I also worked at Piccadilly Radio 77-81

      • Hiya Stuart James,

        I read the request from David about Alpha Waves shows, and I too am a big fan of the alpha waves, where a friend of mine used to copy the show and send them down to me in birmungham.
        Would it be possible for you to do a few copies for me as well?
        Hope you are well

      • hi stuart…loved your shows way back then..had them taped..all got stolen..would there be a chance,kind sir,to send a copy or anything from the shows my way? cheers

      • Hello there,

        on the night that kiss 102 launched – 14th Feb 1997 two slightly spangly space cadets were huddled round a radio in a flat in Bradford sharing their love of ambient electronica by staying up for Alpha Waves…

        12 hours later – and after the valentines medley you spliced together I had fallen in love with the man who subsequently became my husband… We have that show on an old c90 tape but do you have it/ others in digital formats?? would be very much obliged.

    • sorry its taken a while – heres the first one!
      will try and add more soon

      • Hello stuart loved the shows back in the day, I remember one show was dedicated to the silent records label, and was broadcast in the summer of 1996, I would love to hear that show again, Do you have it?

        • Thanks David – I’ll have a look – I have some more DATs to transfer but
          dont have the playlists anymore!

  9. hi can anyone help ? am after Mike Shaft mixes on Mp3 am gutted had a houee fire and lost all my c90s will pay the going rate and more for the full set vanhire@yahoo.co.uk

  10. Thanks so much for the South Side Radio shows. Wow, I didn’t think I’d ever find something like this on the Internet… I have some cassettes in my loft, one of which I fixed with Sellotape in about 1985. I’m moving house soon (and thus will have to deal with the loft), assuming they still work I’ll look into transforming them to MP3. Thanks again, the memories you’ve brought back for this old B-Boy from Flixton, Manchester.

  11. Im with all these others guys here, sitting by the radio taping away every weekend. I still got about 30-40 tapes from the 808 shows iggy, XTC, the Banshee. The way they talk about class A’s openly on the radio, quality! “if you’re on the rock,n,roll its ten quid for the one and fifteen quid in the banshee” you don’t get radio that like anymore. Eddie from Cheadle

  12. Aaah, if only I had my old tapes from Bus Dis, Souled Out, the House Hour (even a garage 1/2 hour if I’m not mistaken) Chad J’s best of 88 Rap etc, and dozens of 808 state shows I could contribute to archives like this. I hear they’re all still under someones bed in North MCR but I’m in Australia. Anyone who has working tapes please get ’em online πŸ™‚

  13. boom chica wowow

  14. Mix-84-86 made chad jackson the coolest guy on earth i rember it wel id just turned 16 24dec 85 i was ready with my TDK
    Chad jackson made me coolest kid in towm iv stil got that TDK scrach,n with u.t.f.o-so educated raper bustbububust-dis

    • them mix,s 84-85/chad jackson well say no more he is one of the org djs along with kool herk the god father of mixing i think the guy who invented it by making a 12″into a 24″ mixing 2 version of the best selling 12″of all time “blue monday” new order back in 81-82 djs back then were well a hed of ther time no cd,s no laptop just pure vynle and 12-tens-TECHNICS-of course the dance music back then the beats were alot slower today the beats are more orles the same so it was difficult to get the beats right.TOTAL RISPECT TO YOU CHAD JACKSON ALL THE BEST.adamski69.

  15. Many thanks, have really enjoyed the memories.
    these Dj’s are legends!!!!

  16. it will always be with you………..

  17. Re: Alpha Waves.
    Thanks for your support.
    Give me a while and i will se if i can dig out some old programmes and
    post them somewhere!

    • @stuart james…how about uploading some to soundcloud..im sure a few people on here would be glad of them πŸ™‚

  18. First ever Alpha Waves show now online:

    Sorry its taken so long!
    I have a handful of later ones – bear with me !
    Thanks for your interest.

  19. Have posted some more editions of Alpha Waves on Mix Cloud .
    Thanks for listening! SJJ

  20. looking for mike haft mixes 83/84/87 good money paid vanhire@yahoo.co.uk
    have 82/85/86/88 if anyone interested

  21. Only just come across the site – nice to see some documentation of Manchester radio.

    I wrote a piece about Piccadilly Radio’s dance music heritage. It’s here, on my electrofunkroots website, which zooms in specifically on the early 80’s period, but covers related stuff before and since. Here’s the link:

    Mike Shaft’s Electrospective interview would certainly be of interest:

    There are also pieces on the first end of year mixes, which I put together for Piccadilly in ’82 and ’83, a tradition continued by Chad Jackson, DJKA and Stu Allan (running until 1992):

    Best of 82:

    Best of 83:


  22. All, posted some Sunset 102FM / Cousin Matty on YouTube last year. Certainly an interesting drive time show!


  23. What a wonderful site this is….As a former Kiss 102 and Piccadilly person, it’s good to hear some of the stuff on here again – shame there isn’t more of the Kiss output, but to be honest not many of us ever recorded anything or kept what we did record! I have a link for a remarkable Rapidshare archive of hundreds of radio shows and radio guest mixes from the 80’s and 90’s that I will dig out and post here.

  24. david that would be fantastic..i know plenty of people who would be intererested along with myself…look forward to seeing it πŸ™‚

  25. Hi There
    Loving this site, I have a load of old cassettes in the recorded in the early nineties, some from the Mix Factory show on Sunset 102, I’d be happy to convert, clean up & upload some and post you the links if you are interested.
    Thanks for your efforts, just spent hours listening to some of this stuff πŸ˜€

  26. anyone tell us what track or who’s it by please it had looping in it ” WE WILL CONTROL ALL THAT YOU SEE,WE WILL CONTROL ALL THET YOU SEE ” please,ppppp

  27. This is awesome! πŸ™‚ Thank you so much!

  28. Thanks for the memories..used to tape Bus Dis every week, sadly lost the tapes or recorded over them years ago. Anyone remember Broadway? used to do a show on Sunset 102FM…Thursday night I think. Link me if you have any tapes to swap.

  29. I’m trying to find tapes from a kiss 102 show – First Priority’s Late Night Fuction from around 95-96 – does anyone have anything to offer? Lost mine over the years and would love to hear them again.

  30. Think I’ve got some Lennie Dee from the 90’s. Will get in touch a sap. Have a friend who has a load of dreamscape stuff as well.

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