808 State Show – Sunset Radio


The 808 State Show broadcasting for many years on various radio stations, mainly featuring the ‘Spin Masters’ and usually on Sunset Radio.

This show is from 1990…

Download 808 State – Sunset 102



Show 2 – broadcast in 1991

Download 808 state show 2



Show 3 – Broadcast on Sunset Radio in 1990

Download 808 State – Sunset Radio – 27-11-1990



Eastern Bloc Chart

Download – 808state – Sunset Radio – Eastern Bloc Chart

Listen –


Classic show with top jingles and proper banter, radio as it should be.

Download – 808state – Sunset Radio & KFM – This is a funny show

Listen –


14 Responses to “808 State Show – Sunset Radio”

  1. Goo to hear this stuff, I’ve got some old Sunset 102.0 Mix factory recordings if you’re interested. Thanks for a great blog

  2. GooD to hear, lol!!!!

  3. Awesome!
    Port Vale all the way!
    808 State, Sunset 102.6..it’s too hard for em down south! MADCHESTER

  4. Does anyone remember a mix that contained the trax,, Casseopaya- space theme & Pulsation – Transpulsation, been looking for ages

  5. i’m interested in the mix factory shows especially one when they were standing in for 808 state on tue 20 aug 91 if you have it thanks jay

  6. I recently found a pile of cassette tapes in my loft “All sunset radio with leaky fresh and the 808 state show “Defo worth there wait in gold” Hoping to transfer the to cd soon.
    Bring back Sunset Radio, or maybe do a club night 🙂

  7. Hello
    I was wondering if you could help us? We are a feature film for cinema shooting in Manchester between now and the middle of October and I am looking for a lot of Manchester extras. I’ve put all the info below in case there’s a chance you could give it a shout out on air.
    (We would be very happy for someone from the radio to come down and do a news/interest piece from the set one day if that sways you at all 🙂 Thank you so much for your help x Alex Kaye-Besley

    Male and female extras age 25-75 wanted for Manchester
    Feature film for cinema starring Brian Cox and Natascha McElhone called Theatre of Dreams

    Theatre of dreams is a fictional story about Sir Matt Busby who helps a wayward boy fulfill his dream. Think Billy Elliott meets Bend it like Beckham. It is an uplifting and inspiring film shooting in September and October in and around Manchester starring Brian Cox and Natascha McElhone.

    We need local faces to make this film great and are looking for men and women aged 25-75 to join us as film extras. This is unpaid but there will be good food and good fun.

    We are filming across September and October, we need various extras for different roles, most roles would only require one days filming from you. Thanks.

    If this interests you all you need to do is send a photo of yourself and a contact number to the email address: todextras@live.com

  8. Yes i would like to do a bit more film extras, You can cotact me on facebook ./ c1973henshall@aol.com Carl Heny Henshall.

  9. get you gran out of the fridge the ambulance is ere………

  10. […] State show, 27-11-90 808 State Show – Sunset Radio | Manchester Radio Music The tune at Number 5 in the E-Bloc chart in show 3 They id as Space Opera – Coast to Coast, but I […]

  11. Awesome
    Can you send me more?
    Living in Warrington in 1990 had to record this in garage to get a signal!!
    Mates at school recorded charts I recorded the spinmasters!!

  12. […] 808 STATE ON SUNSET RADIO HERE […]

  13. I got about 200 of these old vintage shows. Along with Key 103 Stu Allen Saturday nights show these were worth their weight in Platinum. Shout out to all Denton posse,happy birthday maria from the Burden crew. Reeeespec.

  14. The Kickin FM,MANCHESTER email me if youd like some.

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