Chad Jackson – Piccadilly Radio

chad jackson

Chad Jackson takes over Mike Shafts TCOB for a week on Piccadilly Radio, around 1985.


Chad Jackson – Picadilly Radio


A nice conversion about the Manchester club scene recorded around late 1985 between Mike Shaft & Chad Jackson, Sadly the tape ran out before it had fini……

Download Mike Shaft and Chad Jackson having a chat in 1985



5 Responses to “Chad Jackson – Piccadilly Radio”

  1. Hi – I’ve just found your site while I’m rooting around looking for info about ‘what happened at sunset radio’. I rememger there was a big hoo-hah when it folded, but I don’t know any details. I love what you’ve got here and I’ll put your link on my site. I just wondered what the date of the 808 State Show would have been roughly?
    Thanks, Urs

  2. Why can’t I download any of the mixes? 😦
    What an amazing site though. Like Chrimbo has come early 🙂

  3. Hi mike, i am looking to get hold of the TCOB best of 80s mixes that were done on your radio programme piccadilly 261/103 greg wilson/chad jackson.
    are they available to purchase?
    Many Thanks,

  4. wow,damm good post

    • You can hear and download Greg Wilson’s mixes, including the classic Best of 1982/3 here, plus many, many more great new mixes:

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