Stu Allan – Bus Diss

spin inn

The local legend that is Stu Allan’s Bus Diss. Manchesters only legal Hip Hop show at the time, broadcast 1986 – 1989.

Spoonie Gee Radio Jingle – Stu Allan – Spoonie Gee Jingle


A show taken from 1987

Download    Stu Allan Bus Diss 1987



Bus Diss Mixes

Download   Stu Allan – Bus Diss Mixes



Early, before Bus Diss, when the whole show was called Souled Out

Download    Stu Allan – Bus Diss



Show 2 – Featuring the “national wash” diss.

Download    Stu Allan – Bus Diss2



Show 3 – Featuring Mc D from Eccles would you believe……..

Download    Stu Allan – Bus Diss3



Bus Diss – Christmas mix

Download    Stu Allan – Bus Diss Xmas Mix



9 Responses to “Stu Allan – Bus Diss”

  1. classic i knew price kool and mcd back in the day peace

  2. please could you tell me the tune stu used to have playing behind him when he was doing a run down on his show.many thanks.

    • the tune is a loop from a tune of Huslers Convension by Lightning Rod. I think the tune is Spoons story. Top album. Rap before rap. Most of the music is by Kool and the Gang too.

  3. Awesome dude
    I’ve still got some of my old Buss Diss tapes from back in the day
    Sunday nights will never be that good again

  4. Brings back some good memories – checking out what was #1 and going to eastern bloc to buy it the following week! BIG respect!

  5. just discovered this site brilliant . brings back memories of all the night clubs in Manchester still got over 100 tapes from souled out and all the mixes now going on cd

  6. sick site wish there was more shows to download. MC D is a member of my fam. an yh hes from eccles haha

  7. cant stop bangin this shit. Old skool

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