Clash FM – Sunset Radio


Clash FM on Sunset Radio, Featuring Jay Wearden, DJ Carlos, J FMC, and Simon N. Usually broadcast on Friday nights. This was a one off special to replace the ‘Sammy B’ show ‘World Domination’ on saturday night 6-9pm.

Part 1


ClashFM – Sunset Radio-1



Part 2

Features Jay Wearden on the decks.


ClashFM – Sunset Radio-2



5 Responses to “Clash FM – Sunset Radio”

  1. ros winkal daddy jake jordan mummy jeany and my little bro taylor love you all xx

  2. Sweet sweet sweet

  3. does any1 remember a set that contained the trax, Casseopaya – space theme & pulsation – Transpulsation, i taped it off the radio 1992-93 ish, but accidentally taped over it, like you did in those days, pleez help

  4. Loving this site…

  5. F^#K This is truthfully helping my mind to recover those sundays and tuesday nights back in the day! BIG shout going out to the old crews from ‘the state’ ‘konspiracy’ and ‘life @ Bowlers’… BUZZIN! remember crispy chris and the 808 boys?

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