Gescom – Disengage – Kiss 102

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Gescom presents Disengage 4am – 6am on Kiss 102fm 94 – 96





Tape 2

Download Disengage 2


Tape 3 – Side A

Download Disengage 3 SideA


Tape 3 – Side B

Download Disengage 3 SideB



18 Responses to “Gescom – Disengage – Kiss 102”

  1. top stuff. cheers for uping this=]

  2. Thank you very much for your quality uploads.

  3. other people must have some disengage shows apart from the one floating around on soulseek?..i had load but they all got robbed..great site too

  4. wow, this certainly brings back some memories. Im also looking for some chillout music that kiss 102 brodcasted late at night, especially in their early few weeks.

    (There is something down there, something not on)

    This is an endless story taking u on a journey. (wow ive still got that recording on tape ) who produced that magic?? Clint eastwood, (when the chime ends, just try) wheres that wonderful dance remix??

  5. i use to tapes these sessions fri + sat early morn and never knew what any of the sounds were called or who bye , and if this site is what i think it is then ive stumbled upon the best site for me and a goldmine of top sounds ,lovely !

  6. what a superb site,some lost gems ere. cheers,i used to love cassettes and taping the pirates and late night shows,back in the 80s. nice one .

  7. Thanks for these, still got them on cassette.

  8. very intelligent journey music, nothing like it around anymore.

  9. Thanks to whoever uploaded these files..i can actually remember some of these…they still sound so fresh today..made me very happy..some more would be great!!!

  10. Love these. If anyone knows where there are any more, please post them here or on Soundcloud.

  11. Stuart James’ ‘Alphawaves’ was such a wonderful show and was one of the reasons I became a broadcaster. I still have dozens of the shows on tape up in the loft, but there is one track he played that has haunted me for 20 -odd years now, I’ve never been able to find out it’s name or who the artist was, but I still think it’s one of the most beautiful pieces of music I’ve ever heard.

  12. Check out “Alpha Waves & Gescom Disengage” on YouTube. Plenty of mixes.

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