IBC Radio – Various

Every Sunday night 8 – 10 on IBC Radio.

(Pirate Radio broadcast weekends only)

1987 – 1992

Download IBC Radio – Andy Richards-1


Andy Richards –  Autechre – 92

Download IBC Radio – Andy Richards – Autechre – 92


HomeBoy JuJu – A snippet from the end of a cassette….

Download Homeboy juju



5 Responses to “IBC Radio – Various”

  1. Killer stuff; I loved this station. Got any Homeboy JuJu, please?

  2. I have a few tapes lying around somewhere of IBC radio if anyone is interested… email alchemorph@gmail.com if interested

  3. http://www.ibcradio.co.uk

  4. Bloody hell, DJ MR 🙂

    I’ve got some Homeboy JuJu tapes about, but they’ve been recorded a bit haphazardly

  5. Cheers for the Homeboy JuJu snippet 🙂

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