Mike Shaft -Takin’ Care of Business


The infamous TCOB (Takin’ Care of Business), Mike Shaft’s influential Soul, Dance, and Funk show, on Piccadilly Radio throughout the 80’s.


Mike Shaft – TCOB


This 2nd show features a nice conversion about the Manchester club scene around late 1985 with Chad Jackson. The tape was in a bad condition, and a lot of Mike Shaft talking has been edited out which is a real shame.

Download Mike Shaft – tcob with Chad Jackson interview



9 Responses to “Mike Shaft -Takin’ Care of Business”

  1. superb little mix of some great tracks
    anyone know who the last track is between 12 minutes and 15 mins–just cant put my finger on it

    tx paul

  2. hi paul, i used tunatic (free tune id prog) and it says its freddie jackson – i wanna say i love you.

  3. Hi Mike

    OMG! really takes me back had many a happy nite listening to your show. I’m about about Moss Side any chance I could talk to you.

  4. looking for all the mike shaft mixes on mp3 can anyone help willing to pay fair amount vanhire@yahoo.co.uk

  5. rhino , you can download them , email me mjutd2000@yahoo.co.uk

  6. Great blasts from the past – U tube now has loads of TCOB archive stuff

  7. Couldn’t wait tape this show every week, used to blast it in my Escort on my Sharp anss stereo. I still have have them, but some sod stole them all out of a Bettle i had. I was devastated.

  8. Do you have his 87 88 mix

  9. TCOB the best show on the radio in the 80’s bring back the retro I need my fix

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