Mix of 85 – Chad Jackson

Chad Jackson mixes the best of 1985. Broadcast on Mike Shafts – Takin’ Care of Business.

Download    Mix of 85 – Chad Jackson



50 Responses to “Mix of 85 – Chad Jackson”

  1. any chance of a copy of this mix, reminds of when i was at school listening to your show on a Sunday night!

  2. nice one love those old mixes don’t suppose you have the mike shaft mix of 84 done by chad jackson

    • yer i do i have 1983 84 85 86 would you like a copy it took me a long time to get good copy let me see if i can up load for you stonep

      • i’d love to here those mixes again, please upload!

      • my e-mail is vanhire@yahoo.co.uk would gladly pay for 83/84/85/86

      • This is a shot in the dark, heard take me for a time in new york by elbow bones and the racketeers on radio2 for the first time since he Mike playrd it circa1983-1986 and transported me to Mike Shaft sunday night show on Piccadilly when I would copy all his mixes onto tape. Sadly no longer in my possession.

        Have you still got a 83 and 84 copy>unbelievable if you have.

        NB Poole Dorset

  3. this is absolute class – i had it when i was a kid, lost the tape and have been searching for it for a while. funny i remember taping it and it not fitting on my TDK Metal C90…

  4. have all of these mixes from when i first started clubbing in manchester legends, rotters,thursdays, tropicana, oldham roneos and juliets,froggies bar brilliant absolutely class

    • best days of my life dint go clubing apart from under 18s wich clouds preston and breakin was in its prime so was electro funk well ahead of time you wear so ccol to have evan better if you new a dj persony i tapet 85mix when it was 1st played dec85 i was sil at school i fawt 84 was the 1ost no 82 visit mixcloud for best-82/83

  5. hello can anybody help i can not down load chad Jackson 84 or 85 mix pleases thanks stonep

  6. exelant mix i was brawt up with the chad jackson era me and my mates were in to break danceing so wen mix of 84 came out on the mike shaft show tapes at the ready and we let no body tape them gold dust

  7. Great to hear full mix again – lost this when moved house a few years ago

  8. memorys of such a great upbringing listening to classics like this in Legends in Manchester


  10. is the chad jackson 84 mix off tcob mike shaft available anywhere out there to be bought or downloaded i would be very gratful for this info since i’ve been looking for it for years . thanks for any feed back or info if its not to much trouble

  11. was there an 83 mix on tcib aswell?

  12. turn the tape NOW !!!!

  13. OMG!!! I’m right back in Legends on a Wednesday, Playpen on a Thursday. Need I go on? I would love a copy. Same for me Andrea, four posts above.

  14. and the famous laser light show in Legends, amazing innocent times…and then a dirty donner kebab from across the road in the kebab house with the chicken wire windows…hahaha brill timezzzzzzzz

  15. I have both best of 1984 and 1985 mixes by Chad Jackson. I got them of Kenny in Spin In who I knew quite well at the time. I believe they are copies of the master tapes, not recorded off the radio and therefore don’t have any of the Piccadilly Radio jingles.
    I digitised them a few years back from my master cassettes.

    Does anyone remember the Paul Mulhearn HipHop mix that he pieced together using 3 cassette decks (no turntables) STUNNING. Unfortunately, I believe he committed suicide shortly afterwards.

    • Yes i do remember the paul mulhern mix.it was played on the stu allen show,he did really well.i was into mixing big time.those were the days,is there any chance of getting copies of those mixes from you.Mine sound really crappy now(must of played them too much!)

    • Dear Twosheds

      I would love a copy of your digitised versions

      Mail me on Facebook.


  16. Marko, Yes I can do you copies. Let me have your email address so we can sort it out.

  17. Hi yer my email is stonep@hotmail.co.uk


  18. MMMMemomories, Mix of 83 didnt Hewan Clarke do a mix of 83 ?????

    Gettin old now lol maybe it was Mike Shaft.

    Lost them years ago or more likely some buzzard borrowed them and never returned them. lol.

    Enjoyed finding this www and the music and the posts. Cheers ALL

  19. Hi no it was greg wilson he did 1982 as well

  20. Course it was, cheers Phil.

    • Am nearly 50 genre of dance music in my life time has never gone. away old school soul funk lives on forever this. to me Will always the greatest live 80s mix of all time thankyou Piccadilly Radio respect to the underated Chad Jackson i salute you the greatest underated 80s soul funk classic mix of all time peace.

  21. Sorry Phil wrong link. try this. Happy Dayz

  22. I have received several requests for copies of the 84 and 85 mixes. I replied to each one but no one has come back to me. Just saying in case the messages being zapped by your spam filters?

  23. twosheds my email is mark.mosoph@hotmail.com
    Thanks very much

  24. Great selection – took me back to days of clubbing at Wag, Nightmoves, Crackers, 100 Club, Gullivers, Crackers, Lyceum Ballroom and some other places, including some memorable concerts 🙂

    Thanks for sparking the memories of the good ol days – quality!

  25. Love.

  26. the best mix ever good to hear it clear not like my old tape. i thought me and my brothers was the only ones who still loved this good to know there are others who buzz off chad jackson.

  27. Has anybody got any other chad jackson mixes from when his mixes were playes on piccadilly radio,apart from the best of’s,i have got some but the best ones i had have been nicked out of my car.

  28. have got a lovebugstarski mix think say what you wanna say on tape somewhere in the loft all turn your love mix as well

  29. I remember staying up till 4am to record this on a TDK.

  30. Classic tunes still got. All my tapes of all these mixes at 47 I now have a iphone so run it through my stereo sounds wicked

  31. Love this site! Used to go Legend, P7, Playpen best times ever! Can I download these mixes somewhere? Thx

  32. Good times, good memories. Thursday nights! I used to work on the bar at the back, Mike Shaft used to turn all the lights off! Place rammed couldn’t see a thing.
    “Yo barmaid” haha. Still love the music.

  33. this mix to mix is the greatest live iconic mix from Chad Jackson 1985 i recorded this on my rotel cassette deck i spoken to The iconic house legend in the 90s Stu Allan and i had a conversation over Chad Jackson both of you are my idols of old skool d\ance finally i hope chad jackson gets his say on the dance music hall of fame like Greg Wilson a briliant talent

  34. Hi has any one got the stu Allen mixs

  35. A time when music had a true quality of samples…vocals….timing….movement..lyrics that ment something…do i need say anymore.x u cant explain it unless u felt what it was.

  36. I am proud back in the day i recorded one of the greatest live mixes from Piccadilly Radio thanks to an un sung legend Chad Jackson who kissed no ones back side stayed true the music The Legendary Gregg Wilson speaks very highly of Chad Jackson in his late interviews 2me 2 legends of the north west dance music scene.

  37. It seems all the tunes on this mix are my favourites
    Over the years I have tried to get them all on vinyl
    Top mix , love it
    Chad is the best

  38. Yep GW did 83 CJ did 84/85 mike shaft did 86/87 think the last one was done by stu Allan

  39. Duncan Smith did a fantastic job of 87 and 88, who has sadly passed away now.

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