Mix of 86 – Mike Shaft


The best of 1986 put together by Mike Shaft and broadcast on BBC Radio Manchester. How many edits?


Mix of 86 – Mike Shaft



20 Responses to “Mix of 86 – Mike Shaft”

  1. Classic mix great content…

    • mike there is a song giant countdown who sings that its between loose ends (slow down nu shooz I would pay real money for the name of the artist its between there are three songs in the mix

      • i think its another Loose Ends track called ‘Johnny Broadhead’ if my memory serves me correct.

  2. Tracklist for; Mix of 86

    Orginal Concept – Pump That Bass
    Real Roxanne & Howie Gee – Bang Zoom
    Heavy D – Mr Big Stuff
    Kool Moe Dee – Go See The Doctor
    William Bell – Headline News
    Millie Jackson – Hot Wild Crazy Love
    Billy Ocean – Love Zone
    Gregory Abbott – Shake You Down
    Gwen Guthrie – They Long To Be Closer
    The Controllers – Stay
    SOS Band – Even When You Sleep
    Octavia – To The Limit
    Loose Ends – Slow Down
    Thomas & Taylor – You Cant Blame Love
    Loose Ends – Stay A Little While Child
    Luther Vandross – Come Back To Me
    Loose Ends – Nights Of pleasure
    TC Curtis – Slave To Love
    Whistle – Please Love Me
    Midnight Starr – Headlines
    Timex Social Club – Rumours
    Gwen Guthrie – Aint Nothing Going On But The Rent
    Cashflow – Mine All Mine
    Rainy Davis – Sweet Heart
    Millie Scott – Automatic
    BB&Q Band – Dreamer
    SOS Band – The Finest
    Oran Juice Jones – The Rain
    Gwen Guthrie – Outside In Th Rain
    Midnight Starr – Midas Touch
    Janet Jackson – When I Think Of You
    Raze – Jack The Groove
    Cameo – Word Up
    Mel & Kim – Showing Out
    Farley Jackmaster Funk – Love Cant Turn Around
    Marshall Jefferson – Move Your Body

    Plus Many More Samples.

    Thanks to Yearmix.net for listing.
    Rankin Pete

    • Hi mike used a instrumental track I think in the background of loose ends (slow down) been after that tune for a long time,do you know the name of it.thanx Paul

      • Paul,

        I will have a listen in the morning and see if I can remember.


      • Hi Im and old fan of ms, and used to stay in on the sunday evening and even pull a sikkie from work to record the sessions. Im not sure but i think its loose ends – hanging on a string or sos just be good to me , soz i cant help more.

        Wayne Judson.

  3. Those were the days.
    Use to listen to Mike Shaft and record his show.
    met mike & Chad at spinning records, got them to sighn the records i had bought.
    I now live in South Africa.
    I see the new show he now does also appeals to me, AS
    I converted to Islam, and lecture on comparitive religion in my spare time.
    Thanks for the good old days and memories Mike.

  4. Great mix, brings back good memories, I’ve got a great tape of Mike Shaft interviewing Chad jackson on BBC Manchester Radio when he won the DMC World Championships, they played the top 3 mixes and commented on them all.

  5. Arrr mr mike…. Back in business indeed… I listened to you and ur amazing sounds and mixes back in the 80’s on key 103 CTOB….. Great to find you again…… Keep on with the music… Im lovin it….. :))

  6. Does anybody have Best of 87 Mix? I had 86 and 87 on cassette, think I wore them out by playing so much and now sadly have lost them both. Great to find 86 on here 🙂

  7. Ignore my last, as I have just realised there is a link on the right of the page 🙂

  8. still lovin it !

  9. Can I download these mixes or are they just stream only please?

  10. You can download these…..Click on your choice, which will open a new page….there you will see the play icon and a download name of the mix/show in brighter white than the surrounding text. Hover the mouse over this and right click to open…..go to: save link as.
    This will open a new window with the name of the mix/show or a code,also under that it must say : mp3 format sound. Click on save and it will download to your computer for you to enjoy anytime.
    Hope this has helped.

  11. Shafty. Out all night from wed till sunday then chilled with you all sunday 1982

  12. Hi Guys does anyone know the track at 34:26 (male vocal)

  13. I have absolutely no clue how many edits but that was 100 hours well spent Sir ….. what a mix of great songs ran my battery and data on my phone listening til the end 😀👍

  14. Wow…Fantastic memories, i still have most of these on TDK’s but thought i’d play on the player, back then the choons were so so good…thankyou for uploading, any more gems to be added. Regards. Wayne

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