Mix of 86 – Paul Mulhearn

Paul Mulhearn’s cassette Mix of 1986, taken from Stu Allan’s Souled Out.


Mix of 1986 – Paul Mulhearn


Side B from the same cassette

Download Stu Allan – Souled Out – 1986



8 Responses to “Mix of 86 – Paul Mulhearn”


  2. For those who don’t know, this mix was constructed using 3 cassette decks, NO TURNTABLES – unbelieveable. Paul was a genius. A pity he saw fit to end it all not long after producing this. RIP

  3. Genius, these were the real times of Hip Hop total respect. big shout out to DST TCS…

  4. Never got chance to hear this before….thanks! His big bro

  5. Thank you so much for this. An object lesson in how it was done and still should be. RIP.

  6. Fantastic memories such a shame…

  7. I remember listening to this through my headphones all them years ago. I taped the show but like a plank I taped over it. Many thanks to all those who have posted this. Miss the old days……miss the music. Miss geniuses like Paul Mulhearn.

  8. Just listening to this now . . On casset tape. STILL TIMELESS !!!
    Recorded it when it was 1st aired.

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