Mix of 87 – Duncan Smith (Soul)

Duncan Smith’s best of 1987 Soul, taken from Mike Shaft’s Back in Business.

Download Mix of 1987 – Duncan Smith – Soul


9 Responses to “Mix of 87 – Duncan Smith (Soul)”

  1. Music at its Best !!!!!!!! long live the Soul ……..

  2. Big respect for uploading this mix. This was the late Duncans’ finest moment,he’ll be remembered forever because of this

  3. Brings back memories of a special time for me. RIP big Duncan.

  4. A forgotten 80s late soul funk classic from the north west old skool foreve

  5. great memories of sunset radio

  6. Another forgotten 80s Soul Funk hip hop early new jack swing mix from Piccadilly Radios North West mix by Duncan Smith best of 1987 mix

  7. Anybody know who is singing at 4 min 20?

  8. This is legendary work and so evocative of THAT time. Thank you so much for sharing this inspiritational and uplifting music.

  9. At 4 mins 20 sec singing is “Fifth of Heaven” with the song “Just a little more”
    In my early 20s back in the day. Still listen now in my 50s. Class acts back then.

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