Mix of 88 – Duncan Smith (soul)

Duncan Smith mixes the best of soul from 1988.

Broadcast on Mike Shafts ‘Back in Business’.

Download Mix 0f 1988 – Duncan Smith



17 Responses to “Mix of 88 – Duncan Smith (soul)”

  1. This is one of the best mixes I can remember, “FANTASTIC”

  2. Tony hits the nail on the head as the 1988 mix is outstanding and the best thing in my large collection.Duncan was a genius without a doubt and is sorely missed by me as I looked forward to his annual mixes.

  3. oh yes……………..x

  4. The best !!! I have been looking for this in my attic for ages..i recorded off the radio onto a matal tape!!!

  5. Wow , U cant forget these moments Tunes , Tunes , Tunes !!!!! , i,ve been collecting these for years ……. Mark j Manchester …

  6. Brilliant site, why have I not found this before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Does anyone recall a female DJ on the Manchester scene in the 80’s called I think “Lanie Dee”? She also did spots at a pub near Ashton I think was called the Blue Pig or something similar? Where is she now, does anyone know??

  7. I’ll never be able to thank Duncan enough for the 87 and 88 mixes I still have them on the original tapes I recorded them on. My Highest respect for the legend Duncan Smith definitely remembered forever.God Bless you.

  8. whats the name of a full track i need more of you

  9. Tom Grose & The Varsity – More Of You

  10. I know the full track list for 87 and 88 mixes. if there is any others your after.

  11. Superb underated 80s soul funk new jack swing mix by Duncan Smith

  12. Glad to see that even after all this time people are still enjoying Duncan’s mixes,which were superb.

  13. A classic forgotten 80s soul funk classic mix by Duncan Smith from Piccadilly Radio back in the day from Manchester

  14. Would love to get 87 mix??? how can i download it?

  15. greg wilsons 82 mix was top, then chad Jackson did 84 & 85 & mike shaft himself did 86..so mr Wilson started the trend for these wicked annual mixes. when u play the 87 mix it takes you to other screen, right click on play & it says save audio to…then let ur computer do the rest…

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