Mix of 89 – Stu Allan (Hip Hop)

Stu Allan mixes the best of 1989 Hip Hop, taken from his Sunday night show Bus Diss on Key103.

Download – Mix of 1989 – Stu Allan – Hip Hop



5 Responses to “Mix of 89 – Stu Allan (Hip Hop)”

  1. this is dope
    Stu used to kill it

  2. CHOONZ Man im gettin old………… what has happened to music today? Nice one BLITZfm

  3. Great mix from the master.

  4. The Golden Age of Hip Hop, dropped slicker than oil and any other station in the country at the time.
    How many Manc weekenders used to bump the dial to Stu’s seriously sh*t-hot mixes?!!
    A never-to-be repeated era that provided a genuine buzz to every weekend.
    Top times.

  5. Man, this brings back some memories, stu allan sunday night, spinnin records on a saturday morning and spending an absolute fortune. Kenny instore was a top bloke. Used to spend ages playing all the imports. great memories.

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