Owen D – Hacienda (Stu Allan – Bus Diss)

HaciendaOwen D has been heavily involved with Manchester Radio & the clubs since the early 80’s. Owen D & Leaky Fresh together formed the “The Master Jam MD’s” in 1981 and are seen as true innovators. This mix is taken from Stu Allan’s Bus Diss show on Key103 in 1987, the mix was recorded live in the Hacienda for a competition he won.

Owen D Live Hacienda Mix Stu Allen 87


5 Responses to “Owen D – Hacienda (Stu Allan – Bus Diss)”

  1. Sickness from the man like Owen D

  2. Wow – I remember hearing this on Bus Diss. It was broadcast on the evening of Sunday January 26th 1986: The “special news bulletin” sting which plays at 6’45” took us to a report from New Orleans previewing the Bears vs Patriots Superbowl that was taking place a few hours later.

  3. How can I contact Owen D or Leaky fresh to ask them about a tune one of them played on return from a trip to L.A.?

    The tune was a deep funky house tune that used Timmie Rogers – Super Soul Brother as a basis.?????????

  4. I was at the hacienda when this was being thrown down 🙂 chad jackson and zuzzan were on the same bill ( was the dmc mixing championships)

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