Sam Brown – South Side Radio (SSR)


The Legend that is Rap Master Sam Brown’s electro show on South Side Radio (SSR)  Thursday nights. Pirate Radio broadcasting most nights – 1983 – 1985. Ariel stuck to radiator, lots of hiss, and not much of Sam Brown speaking, but life would never be the same after hearing these shows for many people.

Part 1

Download southsideradio1


Part 2

Download southsideradio2



12 Responses to “Sam Brown – South Side Radio (SSR)”

  1. My god, I’ve just been sucked through an eighties vortex into my early teens, I was a Popper and a Breaker, I used our metal banister to receive a better signal in BOLTON.

    Newcleus (Sad news about Chilly B), Man Parrish etc.

    I practically wet myself over Chris ‘THE GLOVE’ Taylor & Ice T – Tibetan Jam, at that time no-one had it across the Bolton scene, at the local youth club it’s debut, on my Ghetto blaster, received rapturous response.

    I also had all the Street Sound Electro compilations, which were great, but Sam Brown’s broadcast mixes had unusual arrangements and a really original freshness, I would try to edit out the over-lay vocal, with little success, I might add, fond memories and great nostalgia of a carefree era and halcyon time.

    Much Obliged


  2. Cheers for this, takes me right back. Used to get this over the other side of Salford in Little Hulton when i was 13. South Side Radio had a massive influence on my music taste and still has.
    Many thanks,

  3. This was a defining period in my life and changed my music taste. This was priceless radio and i am glad it was there and we found it.


  4. Bad Ass site thumbs up 😉

  5. Still got a few SSR tapes in the loft,takes me right back…Sam Brown…He’s bad man!

  6. i used to hang out at southside radio as a 16 year old.this station was brilliant & well run.

  7. I used to do the UK Chart Show on Southside – we did it weekly three days ahead of the rest of the UK. Yes it was a good station – John Saul

  8. awesome show did they get raided live on air

  9. I think they did get raided on air. Was Phil England on air at the time? I was mainly involved when they had the Cobdens studio. Sam Brown did stuff a lot different than me but that’s why it was a brilliant station – a lot of variety and some of it very professionally delivered

    John Saul

    • I remember listening and there was a lot of commotion and someone saying what’s going on stop stop

  10. Got a phone call from Phil saying it had been raided. No surprise – we had a meeting of jocks a week before in Marple and I warned them all this was a danger. Very sad but it had had its day. Very fond memories of a brilliant station

    John Saul

  11. Sam B. Legend!

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