Stu Allan – House Hour


Stu Allan presents the ‘House Hour’. As part of his three hour show covering Hip Hop, Soul, and House, on Key 103. 1987 – Mid nineties.


Stu Allan – House Hour


Show 2

Download- Stu Allan – House Hour 2


Show 3

Download – Stu Allan – House Hour 3



Stu-Allan – Dj Fast Eddie –  interview

Download – stu allan souled out – house 1988.12.18 A – fast eddie interview



11 Responses to “Stu Allan – House Hour”

  1. Wow this blog is awesome,i taped loads of shows back in the day…as young as 14 i was taping shows like these,these bring back some top memories of when i grew up

  2. Great shows! Stu Allan is the man!! Thanks for these!!!

  3. […] take you back, here’s a bit of one of Stu Allen’s shows. This link is from a great site called Manchester Radio Music. It features one of Stu’s later shows judging from the music I guess it was done in 1989 or […]

  4. Crikey, what a progression – Sam Brown to Mike Shaft/ Chad J onto main man Stu Allan, 80’s radio-wave Manchester was exceptionally blessed, such a rich vein of passionate erudite’s/ music aficionados whom awakened us to truly outstanding music, what a journey, words often fail me, but the music never did, cheers guys and kind regards, Ian

  5. love love love this. god, remember it all like yesterday. please never take this site down!!!

  6. […] gold! first one first track "Its just inhuman" Todd Terry enjoy […]

  7. There was a tune which was in one of Stu Allan’s later house mixes shortly before he moved on. I want to know the tune? All’s I remember is that it had a sample on it which went “It’s comin to getcha” repeatedly. Can anyone help? The year was 1999.

  8. Oh yeahhhh! Nice article..

  9. I’ve been a fan 1990 and if i knew he was doing a set at a certain club that was within distance i would go, i was in jail at Forset Bank and every Friday night from 7 till 9 me and a couple of other older inmates made sure we had it kicking, it so happened that all of us had our cells next to each other so the rest of the wing had no choice but to enjoy Stu and us in uproar a tune that took us back to the clubs of Manchester came on.
    It made the weekend special even in prison.
    I hope the Radcliffe brothers and Mr. Dean from wing E1 buzz off this.
    your mate Spanner…..
    see you soon.

  10. I can remember rushing home from a nightclub just to tape the house hour u were and still are the best fella!!

  11. house music radio

    This is a cool thing: Stu Allan House Hour | Manchester Radio Music! Good!

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