Stu Allan – Souled out


Stu Allan presents ‘souled out’ every Sunday night on Key 103 as part of his 3 hour show, broadcast around 1987.

Download  Stu Allan – Souled Out


Older  ‘Souled Out’ …..

Download Stu Allan – Sould Out – old



15 Responses to “Stu Allan – Souled out”

  1. at last some top top old school shit
    Do a big album of this stuff dood

  2. hi i was wondering does anyone have the souled out mix from 1988 and 1989 please what stu allen did on picadilly radio it was awesome , and ive lost the tape that it was on

  3. Hey , any 1 know how sings track 30 mins ?????? come alive when im with you ….

  4. If u guys like 80’s Soul & Groove give this series a spin. I’m currently compiling some awsome tunes. I listened to Stu from day one (When he came in to cover the regular DJ) I will also be compiling some Oldskool electro’s from the likes of “Just Ice” “Doug E Fresh” etc over the coming months. So sign up to my Mixcloud page and get listening to some 80’s Soul & Groove. Stu Allen thanks for all the great tunes you played.. Loved it.

  5. Does anyone remember a track with the lyrics (something like) “I’m not living in the real world, my world is fantasy, I’m not living in the real world. I’m not living in the real world, my head is full of dreams, I’m not living in the real world”. It was a bit funkier/dancier. I have been trying to find it for ages and it’s driving me mad! Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • Hi,Baz, your search is over, the track you are looking for is by a group called Inside Out, it’s called The Real World. Think they was actually from Manchester, I have the 12″ copy of it as I have near as dam it everything from that era and before etc. Regards lee

  6. Stu Allen wat a god

  7. What an era! Can anybody point me in the direction of a playlist 😊 eternally grateful! Paul

  8. Anyone know what the Sade instrumental is at 17 mins on the 2nd mix?

  9. @ Richard, I believe the Sade instrumental is called Make Some Room and was a B Side.

  10. Some fantastic records being played. Again Stu Allan what a great DJ.

  11. Great listening to Stu Allens Souled Out show from way back in the 80’s. I was a regular listener sat there every Sunday evening with my tape deck ready to record… and ready to pause whenever he spoke too! lol.
    Quality music! Thats where my love of Soul music started. Thanks Stu!
    Lee Middleton – 45 from Eccles, Manchester.

  12. […] in 1986 teenagers and young adults from the North West of England would tune in to Stu Allan’s Souled Out show on Piccadilly Radio. In June 1986, Stu was covering for Lee Browne who was away for a few weeks. After only a couple of […]

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