Sunset Radio – Launch Party

Sunset Radio Logo

The Sunset Radio 102fm launch party live from the hacienda.




Part 2





9 Responses to “Sunset Radio – Launch Party”

  1. Al Rockwell on da mike

  2. This site is amazing bringing me back way back!!

  3. There was a really great ‘end of year mix’ on Sunset Radio around 1990/1991. Foolishly I leant my copy to somebody and never saw it again. Does it exist anywhere?

    • I think the bloke from Mix Factory was spinning that night. I have a copy of the build up to it somewhere with some top tunes I wanted IDing. At the end of my tape it is just at the start of the best of 91 and Dilemma-In Spirit is on. Some great tunes earlier in the night including Barracuda (an alias of Moby)-Party Time. Youtube that for a trip back when….If you find a copy please give us a shout. If I can find my tap I will try and upload it. U2-In the name of love remix was on too

  4. I can not believe my luck having found this site.I am now in heaven listening to the Sunset launch party.I still remember when in this area (North West),we were stuck for choice with Soul music shows on radio,and Mike Shaft as a presenter was the best in the business.It was a great pity Sunset radio had problems as it was like a breath of fresh air.I can see my time from now on is going to be spent going through the archives.

  5. My name was Caroline Doherty, I was the face that launched Sunset Radio – does anyone have a copy of the image? I have long red ahir and I was pictured with a lovely black guy from New York called Marcus.


  7. I was at the launch party back there at the Hacienda. What a night. When Mike set the station up I supplied him a fleet of Ford’s from the then Manchester Garages on Oxford Road. Stumbled on this website and took me back. I still have the odd tape mix in my collection. How many of you remember Mike working back in the day at the Manchester Underground Market? Mike also used to do the odd gig at the Sandpiper in Chorlton. Now that’s a blast in the past is it not. Fletch

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